Terms and Conditions

Total Lender Services LLC

Terms and Conditions
Payment of Invoices

It is agreed by contractor / recipient that invoices submitted to Total Lender Services LLC. (Company) will be paid based on the terms and conditions set forth below. It is understood that photo documentation of work completed is the primary justification for payment. It is also understood that all work orders require full photo documentation of the condition of each property, PCR and bids.


The photo requirements set forth below are to protect the contractor and company from false or improper insurance claims made by banks/ investors and servicing companies. It is in your best interest to fully document the property each time. If we do not have photos, reports and estimates we cannot back up our claims or substantiate that work was done correctly.


Company requires complete photo documentation as noted below for all work orders for payment to be made. Failure to provide complete photo documentation will result in non-payment of entire invoice or partial payment of invoice at the discretion of company. It is agreed by contractor/ recipient that a work order is not complete or payable without the required photos, estimates, invoice and reports submitted as detailed below.


1.  Photos are required of all rooms, ceilings, flooring, under and in cabinets, visible plumbing, attics,mechanical (AC, water heater, Furnace), roofs, exterior siding (allsides of house), fascia, soffit, trim, all windows, doors, visible electrical components (breaker panel).

2.  Photos are required of all damages in house – including sheetrock, railings, stairs, carpet, missing fixtures, missing appliances, exposed wires, switch plates, water damage, fire damage, wind damage, missing roof shingles, vents or trim.

3.  Photos of exterior of property and lot – house number, full wide photos of lot, shrubs, trees, roofs, pools, spas, fish ponds, burn piles, debris – lot dimensions must be noted on PCR (Property condition report)

4.  Photos must also be taken to show the lack of work to be done – photos of all sides of house, garage,  sheds and

outbuildings must be provided to show no debris or damages.

5.  Photos of work completed showing before, during and after. Final photo of trailer load should also be included.

6.  Property condition report as sent with work order or report designated by company must be completed entirely.

7.  Estimates for all damages and debris must be provided by line item with appropriate units  - debris in cubic yards; windows, doors, sheetrock, roofs, siding require length x width (height) in feet. Prices must be provided for all estimates or bid will be considered unacceptable. If no bid is provided contractor will be paid based on standard price schedule and not a percentage of invoice should Company bids be approved.

8.  Work must be completed in accordance with the appropriate investor guidelines as designated by the loan type or bycompany. HUD regulations will be followed if no other direction is given. HUD pricing does not always apply. It is contractor’s responsibility to know the investor guidelines for the work orders received. Questions must be directed to your Operations Coordinator prior to completing work.

9.  Invoices must be accurate for amount, quantities and disposition – if photos do not justify invoice no payment will be made. Invoice must have unique document number, address and phone / fax number.

10. Payments are made based on work order approved or allowable – no additional surcharges or dump fees are paid.

11. Late order penalty of 10% per day applied if no extension granted prior to due date. Extensions cannot be requested on date order is due. No payment will be made for orders missing photos, PCR or Bid.

12. Contractor agrees that all debris and hazards will be disposed of according to local regulations. Contractor agrees that as a condition precedent to payment it will perform all work in accordance with all applicable federal, state, local, and administrative statutes, laws, rules and regulations.

13. Payment is made NET 15 after all condition met. Pay report run on1st and 15th with checks mailed  within 5 days.

14. Payment disputes must be made using Company spreadsheet within 60 days

15. See Contractor Field Manual for additional work requirements and procedures.


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