NET Pay Requested
Bid Item (y/n)**
Lock Change Deadbolt and Knob
Knob Lock Only
Lock Box
Padlock w/ hasp
Slider Window Locks
Digital Lock Install - Disable Others we send lock
Window Board Up per sf
Door Board Up
Lawn Services
Initial Grass cut Up to 5k
Initial Grass Cut Up to 15k
Initial Grass Cut Over 15k
Recut up to 5,000 sq. ft.
Recut up to 15, 000 sq. ft
Recut over 15,000 sq. ft.
Fallen Tree cut up and remove
Tree trim off roof/house,roofline by 3ft. Per tree
Shrub Trim - off house 2' and below window line
Landscape - Spray roundup on weeds, driveway, beds
Debris Removal
Debris per cyd w/ broom clean*
H/H per cyd
Chemicals per container
Oil per gallon
Tire w/ rim
Paint - or incl in H/H
Fridge Removal - Empty
Fridge Removal - w/ waste
Cleaning Services
Unclogg Toilet and clean
Clean Fridge
Full Sales Clean
Monthly Sales Clean
Carpet Clean
Carpentry Services
Sheetrock cut out per sq. ft.
Sheetrock Remove and Replace - Float / Prime
Sheetrock Bleach and kilz per sq. ft.
Roof Tarp per sf
Roof Patch per sq ft
Door Replacement(ext hollow core steel door 36" w/jamb)
Pool Services
Drain Pool
Shock Pool
Pool Cover - HUD 2007 Specs - Wood /sf
Misc Services
Winterization - FHA Dry includes toilet clean
Termite - WDI Report from Exterminator
Cut or Zip Tie cables from wall / trip hazard
Install receptical cover plate
Cap Wires
Cap Gas Line - each
Replace Toilet
Pick up and Install Appliance
Install standard light fixture
Seal roof - Gaskets/vents/stacks w/roof tar
Trip Fee Services
Trip Fee - no work done - PCR, Bid and Photos provided*
Install Realtor Signs - we ship
24 Hour inspection - Occupancy with all photos/ report


See TLS terms and conditions of payment

* H/H for FHA properties will include all paint, chemicals, tires, oil and other debris

*FHA properties debris bids must include broom clean when completed PCR and Bid required for every order except designated re-cuts - No pay if missing reports

** If bids allowed and you cannot do for allowable price you must provide bid to be paid.

* Trip charges not paid on re-cut orders Failure to bid convey items will result in your completion of service at your cost. You will not be paid the percentage of invoice for items you do not bid.

You will not be paid the percentage of invoice for items you do not bid.

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