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Total Lender Services LLC

Decades of experience has made us the leader in property preservation services. Our dedication to providing the highest standard of customer service has resulted in a custom tailored system that allows us to be efficient at providing up to the minute status on preservation work orders, evictions, and repairs.

TLS understands the rules, follows the guidelines, and provides our clients with the data they need to make effective decisions. TLS prides itself on being the eyes and ears of investors. We understand the market and help mitigate losses by providing detailed work estimates, complete work order reports, as well as impressive turnaround times on emergency services. Let our team show you difference with the highest level of dedication, customer service, and quality. TLS utilizes the latest software from East Point Systems®, Repairbase®, and Xactimate® to provide accurate and reasonable estimates. TLS can be your full service regional provider.

Property Preservation Services Houston, Dallas, Tampa